Will encrypto currency become the world's common currency?

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What is this goal? Cryptocurrencies are the product of blockchain technology and are designed to de-centric our banking and shopping methods today. Why is this necessary?

While our current system can also "function properly," it doesn't mean it can't get better. Therefore, let us first find out some problems existing in the mode of operation of the world economy today. One of the biggest flaws in any legal tender is inflation. Print more and more money every year to make up for the cost of not knowing where to go. Most people don't know this, but when we pay taxes, the money isn't actually used on what you think is infrastructure. The reality of this situation is that most governments spend money on deficits, which means they don't spend the money they have now.

They are spending the future boom for today's "demand." How do people try to contribute to a growing economy and try to get more debt year after day? How do you work hard to save a retirement fund and get only a fraction of the promise? Why is the cost of living rising sharply around the world, while wages are not growing proportionally? Money is freedom, there is no doubt about it, so why are so many people busy trying to gain a foothold in such a fast-growing world? We live in a world of capitalist slavery. Have we done this to ourselves?

Or is this a clever plan to make the elite rich and damage the middle and lower classes of society? Most cryptographic currencies designed to be payment platforms have the maximum supply. It means that the quantity that can be mined is limited. In the case of Bitcoin, there are only 21 million Bitcoin orders, the last of which will be mined in 2144. That means it's anti-inflation, which makes it a better reserve of value.

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